Time to act through sustainable experiences for higher education students!

About the Project

TIME2ACT@SD aims to contribute to the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes, as well as changing behaviours among EU HE students, in the field of sustainable development (SD) and SD Goals (SDG), through the development of interactive content, digital tools, and innovative teaching methodologies, for HE teachers' use.

Therefore, environment, climate change and sustainability will be approached with a transversal perspective, with HE students and teachers, both at the level of knowledge (MOOC and webinars) and change of attitudes and behaviours with practical activities based on a mobile app and immersive game (gamification strategies and workshops) and activities carried out in the field with real situations (bootcamps that allow demonstration through action and its transferability to real-life situations).

All the contents and tools developed are available in open access to the international community of HE teachers enhancing training in the field of sustainability.

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