To reach its objectives, the Time2act@SD project will produce a set of outputs, grouped into three main areas: scientific outputsreports and a platform. The scientific outputs consist of scientific articles and their presentation in events, disseminating the main results of the studies realized. There are two types of reports: Research reports and project implementation report. The first type includes one report about the two studies conducted in the initial phase of the project and a report about the focus group with experts. The second type of report intends to present to Erasmus+ National Agency the progress obtained in the implementation of the project. Besides the interim reports, in this category are included the internal reports about TPM (Transnational Project Meeting) and LTT (Learn/Teaching/Training) activities. The third category includes all the educational resources that the project aims to deliver. All these resources will be made available in a digital open platform, so the target audience can download and/or interact directly.